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In August 1995, the director of the Abraham Center visited the Norwegian Secretarial office (FAFO) in Oslo.  It was a successful visit as FAFO appreciated the Abraham Centers works and activities, FAFO did not give financial support to the AC but instead they gave a recommendation letter which written:

The Abraham Center program comes at a time when initiatives are needed both to strengthen and expand the peace process in the Middle East, As acontribution to understanding and ultimately peace.we are convinced that the efforts of the Abraham Center will enhance

Recently FAFO established People to People program in which it funds the exchange programs between the Palestinians and Israeli people which held by NGOs .  In this program FAFO divide the fund equally between bath sides.

There was an exchange program between the Abraham Center and NA'AMAT (Women Organization)

 A meeting between both sides were held in 1999, a full study for the program was made but it has not been finalized due to the hard situation.

Another study for the program was done separately by the two organizations,but they are both in contact through phone and fax. As the situation is becoming worse day by day, the program had been stopped and so FAFO did not give the fund to both sides.

 In May 2001, FAFO invited every NGO in Palestine including the Abraham Center to a workshop in Oslo, and they had been asked: If they are still willing to continue in this work aside from the bad situation, and they answered yes, we want to continue the ,moment that the situation will allow us.

After several meetings between the Norwegian Secretariat Office(FAFO) and the Palestinian Center for peace (PCP) to discuss the program, it was agreed to held a joint workshop in Turkey.

FAFO invited the NGOs once again in Feb.2002 and the agenda of the meeting was about the implementation of the project aside from the bad situation.

In spite of the bad situation and the difficulties in traveling inside Gaza because It is divided into three parts, it became very hard to travel from one place to another.  The Abraham Center did their very best to attend the meeting which was held in Turkey. 


The following questions had been asked:

  1. How can we give more support to the peace alternative?

  2. How to recruit new people /more people to work in joint projects?

  3. How to make a difference that can create a change?


Both sides are willing to continue with this project but because of the situation they cant work with the project at this time.

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