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NOSAG (The Norwegian Support Committee for the Abraham Center in the Gaza Strip) has as a major responsibility the task of providing necessary funds for the Abraham center. This has been  possible through the support of NORAD for the period in question NOSAG is responsible for the application for
funding , providing all the necessary information based upon the budgets and plans from the Abraham center, they are also responsible for forwarding the approved funds to the center.

As stated earlier in this report, it would be an advantage for the center if all the documents regarding these funds would be made available to the center , in order to assure satisfactory accounting , it is also recommendable that there are established routines for expenses covered by NOSAG on behalf of the Abraham center, and voice versa.

NOSAG has plans for the future even more, to play an active part in connecting the Abraham center to Norwegian folk high schools.
This is important for the concept of the Abraham center, and to its further development. to be able to play an active role, it is important that the different members of the committee have the possibility to get to know the center by visiting it. the chairman of the committee have the possibility to get to know the visits frequently, but perhaps it would be an advantage to make an agenda for the different visits in cooperation with the management of the Abraham center.

NOSAG also plays an important part in making the Abraham center known to Norwegian students, and to focus on the people to people activities of the center, it is more important now than ever, since Gaza at the moment is virtually a closed community. in the past, NOSAG has assisted the students from the Abraham center who have visited Norway, as well as the management.  this is an important aspect of the cooperation between the committee and the Abraham center, the Abraham center has, as it ultimate goal , the plan of establishing the first folk high school in the Middle East.

In 1996 Mr. President Arafat welcomed to his office NOSAG that had among them Mr. Lilleton the Minster of education in the Norwegian Par lament and at the same day he had a visit by two members of the "Kenaiset" the Israeli Par lament. Mrs. Tamar Gozansky and Hazan Naomi.
sets on Arafat left.

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