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Journey Of Death

Journey Of Death

A group of the Ibrahimi Center students from different nationalities shared in a trip in a countryside North of Israel from an invitation of Jewish student who shared in Arabic course at the Ibrahimi Center.
The trip was very exciting when suddenly the microbus went out of the road and ... hit a sidewall and fall into a deep valley. All the injured students have been taken to the hospital, and after examining them, the doctor said "Thank God all injuries are slight except the two who are in very serious condition." The worried students asked,"who are they?" The doctorreplied" one is a palestinian named Yousef and the other one is a Jewish named Mosheh." Everybody screamed : "Oh my God, what shall we do??" The doctor said, "Nothing,but to pray."All the slight injured students have been dismissed except Yousef and Mosheh who stayed in an Intensive Care Unit, suddenly the angel of death appear in front of them and said:
"I can help you to stay alive, although you don't deserve it."

He said in an insulting way. "You are 25 years old, offspring of people who hates each other, generation after generation.You disappointed me, I have got the souls of many among you, youth, kids, women, too many, since the beginning of your long conflict,war after war destructions and death all along the time." The angel of death asked Yousef, Do you want to live ?" Yousef replied, "Yes...yes". Then he asked "Mosheh, Do you want to live?"

Mosheh,replied,"Yes,yes please".The angel of death said:"I will help you but in one condition." Yousef and Mosheh asked him,"what is the condition?" The angel of death said:"You must prepare a better future for your kids and you have to start thinking about it now,I will be back after one week to know your decision."

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