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Lecture About Passover March 2010

Lecture About Passover (March 2010)
By American Arabic Student Mr. Max Ajl

On Sunday, March 28, I explained Passover to the Palestinian Hebrew students at the center.
I then explained the reasons Jews don't eat bread during Passover, and about the ten plagues, which God visited upon the Egyptians. Someone who works with Samira, Subhi, helped explain this.
After, the students had a million questions. One called me an Israeli. I told I was not Israeli. I told him I was Jewish because my mother is Jewish, this is a religious designation, passed down matrimonially. Most Jews, I told him, don't live in Israel and choose not to live there, so on what grounds is it the Jewish state except by virtue of the fact that it self-defines as Jewish and thus the state of the world's Jews and not its own citizens?

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