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Ulpan Akiva (images)

Party ending the first Hebrew Course in 1974.

Good bye 1994 , finishing working at the Ulpan

Ali yehea, Arabic teacher with Shulanith. Samira and one of quest Ulpan . 1993

The first and the only sheikh Called Saquta from Saudi Arabia coming to the Israel visiting the Ulpan 1993.

guest from the charge in Jerusalem visit the Ulpan 1980

Two Shulamith's Granddaughters welcoming Samira at their home 1989 .

The Ulpan Celebrates Samira's birthday 1988 .

opening the new school year at the Ulpan 1989.

Hura the Israeli Cultural dance 1985

A kid of one European Family visiting the Ulpan he wanted to stay with Samira 1989.

Students of the Hebrew school in Gaza 1980

Hebrew teachers from Gaza visiting the Ulpan1980.

Samira pointing to Gaza on the map for every visit abroad 1991.

Arab Students and Israeli girls soldiers planting together 1993.

Arab Student and his Hebrew teacher hoping together for

No more war No more Bloodshed 1994.

Mr. Abed el Hadi Deheir one if the Hebrew teachers from Rafah visiting the Ulpan 1980 .

A group of Hebrew teachers visiting the Ulpan after the first Uprising in Gaza 1988.

The Islamic University in Gaza Welcoming Miss Shulamith Kaznelson to appreciate her work, offering two full Scholarships for two professes learning Hebrew at the Ulpan 1990.

Hebrew teachers from Gaza visiting the Ulpan 1980

Students Celebrate with their teachers and the Headmaster finishing the course , thanking and saying good bye 1992.

one friend from the yamanis cultural association discussed the Arab culture too each other 1990

A new group of young women getting a full Scholarship at the Ulpan , Explaining to one Inspector of the Education directory in Gaza, saying how much important the are learning and meet the world in a Folk High School like Ulpan Akiva 1991

sheikh Saqota at Shulamith's home 1992

Tawfik Einaya, one of the employees at the Directorate of Education in Gaza asked to join one group of the Hebrew teachers and wanted to know what a Folk High School - Ulpan Akiva is
( what more do you want to know) ? 1990

Bujane and Samira , Gaza is in need for F.H.S but the deferent that will not see a dormitory

Hura the Israeli Cultural dance 1985

No of Education inspectors including Mr. Ismael Ashur (Art)

Businessman Mr. Mohammed El yazgi , Gaza .1991

Dr. Mahmud a Physician from Gaza .1989
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