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First posted:   Mon 24 Sep 2007
Description:   Sons Of Abraham AssociationSons Of Abraham Association
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In November 1998, AC Administration participated with the children of Abraham Association in Israel, where they met the Israeli president and discusss the possibilities of the multicultural, cultural exchange through visits.
Comparting texts from religious sourses of three monotheistic religions etc. In Addition, the Abraham Center in coordination with the children of the Abraham Association prepared a project proposal (Summer Language Programme) for possible funding. This project was not implemented due to Lack of funding.

Abraham Center's project still influenced projects at the school like a study group on the similarities between Judaism and Islam and the common history they share.

This particular group corresponded with an Israeli NGO, Sons of Abraham Association, sending a complete photo report on the customs during the Sacrifice day .
Despite repeated invitations , the last which was in january 2006, travel outside proved impossible

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